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Please bring back the 'New/Recent Discussions' button

Hi, David,
Along the top of the discussion board, there used to be a button letting us know if there were any new updates on posts. Could you please bring that back? If so, Thank you.


  • I think "view all discussions" does the same thing (or at least it seems to to me).
  • I remember that when I clicked on the previous button, it would shift all discussions with recent comments to the top. Those without an update were weeded out. Less digging, more reading.
  • edited October 2013
    Clicking on the title " Draw Mix Paint Forum " will show you all the categories, clicking on the "View All Discussions" button like rgr mentioned will show you to the newest discussions or discussions that were recently commented on. If you look at the image below all discussion titles look blue and they turn purple after you have viewed them also you will see areas highlighted in yellow that say " 3new, 2new, 5new" and so on these ones let you know that x number of comments have been made since you last viewed them. The issue I've had a couple of times is that all titles look blue whether I've viewed them before or are new to me but got pushed down the line because of high forum activity and if you don't remember what you have looked at before or do not check the forum often you could miss posts you might have commented on or maybe miss some info that was relevant to you.

    Didn't think of it before but @David_Quinn_Carder is there a way to permanently keep titles of discussions previously viewed in purple?

  • @Melissa All I changed was the text on the button. The functionality has not been modified, at least not on my end. The only discussions that stay at the top are the "announcements", and you can make those behave normally by hovering over their discussion title, then clicking the little gear icon that appears to the right of the title and choose "dismiss".

    @Castillo You mean keep the link color purple even if there are new comments? I may be able to do that but I'm not sure… but I would not be able to make it optional for users (it would apply to everyone). Or did I misunderstand? Sorry, it's late, I'm not thinking straight!
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