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my name is bruce, i'm in nj, usa and i went to art school way back to become a fine art painter. i was so turned off by the acrylics i stopped painting. i mean, really, abstract artists teaching painting? over the years i began collecting supplies for my return to creative arts and painting. i was a potter for many years. i amassed a 30 year collection of fine hardwoods for my furniture making. i have jewelry supplies and hundreds of carrots of opal among other gems. I have a complete workshop and a few years ago decided to prepare for my return to oil painting. i needed a jump start and somehow marks dvds and supplies found me. where was he back in art school? (he wasn't born yet) this spring/summer i painted studies of the creek and marsh behind my girlfriends house. greens are so hard as the sun moves. weeds and wildflowers are so hard as the time moves. i bought a new camera to freeze time so i could catch up. i am here now, painting will move indoors and i will have time to follow fellow artists. i am not able to give advice except on products and my experience breeding goldfish. i am basically a beginner. i try everything and listen to every qualified teacher i can read. i hope to develop my own style someday, or bring it from my recesses to the front, whatever. thanks, it's long but it's accurate.


  • Hi Bruce. I think once you fall in love with pushing oil paint around a canvas it's a life long affair.

    Sound like you have some varied skills, and an extremely fine collection of materials. That's my idea of good living. B-)
  • Welcome Bruce, you're gonna love it here. Looking forward to some posts of your work.
  • @ Oilpainter

    Hello Bruce
    So sorry you got turned off on acrylics.
    I beat them into submission a long time ago, to the point that many people (those who didn't paint ) couldn't tell the difference.
    But I was burned out and had no desire to do any form of art.
    Then, I saw M.Carder's web site and was inspired to start painting again, and in oils.
    Very pleased to say I'm working away after following Marks rules and then breaking some that aren't too perfect for my style of painting.
    And this fourm is really terrific. Everyone offers something and you can take away what you need.
    Paint those goldfish!
    I took up jewelry making for a wile, studied under Stanley Lechtzin. I wish i could have seen your opal collection when I was doing jewelry work.
  • Hello Bruce

    Welcome to the DMP Forum.

  • ron, et al,
    the acrylic was relatively a new medium at the time, instructors thought it to be good for classwork because of the drying time, i guess. i wanted to learn the masters methods and be schooled on the chemistry of pigment, mixing, color theory, etc. there is nothing more pleasing than a loaded brush on tight canvass, acrylic didn't have the feel for me.
    i have 5 wips i can post one maybe. i want to start a still life, i made the box years back. i researched various artists pallets and bought every one, daniel smith and rgh paints mostly. i also invested in different brushes, rosemary mongoose, sable, synthetic and the usual suspects. marks supply list was my first order but they are all misplaced due to three moves. when they turn up it's a prize. i'm sure i can make up for some lost time. btw i live near the phila art museum and barnes. they really blew it with the barnes. i think if renoir wiped his face on a napkin barnes would have it framed and hung. what an uncomfortable place to view art, imo. i'm happy to see the pieces, just not there. cattle pens stocked tight.
  • Hi! Welcome! Paint! Post!
  • @oilpainter - Ha! Barnes! That's true!
    I love the Phila. Art museum, studied there as a kid every Sat. morning.
    Hey, enjoy yourself painting, and put your work up there on the forum.
  • How do you keep the eggs/babies from getting eaten by the older ones? (goldfish)
  • mark, breeding takes place into "mops" of tulle and the eggs stick into the material. lift it out and place into another tank or pond without fish. zooplankton from plants will feed them after they consume the sac and take the first gulp of air to free swim. they will grow and some will outpace others, culling fixes that. the breeding process of goldfish is very labor intensive. you can only place babies with adults when they no longer fit in their mouth.
    once i had about three feet of tulle so covered in eggs, a amber translucent color, it looked like Liberaches vest.

    sue; draw, mix, paint, post? will do.

    ron, ahh a local guy.
  • @oilpainter
    You bet, for years I walked up those steps every sat. And in the fall what a treat for the eyes!
  • I've been to the Phila Art museum. Spent a whole day there. but that was before my painting began. isn't that where Mark's Picture of Bush, in the Presidental wing? It was painted after I was there so have not seen it in real. Would like to though.
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