Oct (or whatever) challenge??

jcdrjcdr -
edited October 2013 in Painting
So hey, I'm back. Just stepped out for gum and saw something sparkly. Got a little distracted.
Looks like you've all been busy as all get out.
I do however notice the lack of a thread regarding the next challenge. As it's already Oct 10th, perhaps we could get a jump on something for November.

Quick recap - there's been a still life, no blending, an undiscovered master, portrait swap, Lady in a Red Hat by whomever and currently a seascape challenge (which is looking awesome). . What next?

Self portrait
Plein Air landscape-
Landscape from photo - this should work well with the release of Marks most recent video
a pet
a family member
plane, train, ship or automobile (interior or exterior)

thats all i got Thoughts?


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