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I made a post on WetCanvas and it was deleted

It wasn't moved, I didn't get notified, it was just deleted. As far as I can tell there are plenty of other posts similar to mine, and I put it in the appropriate category. What's the deal, do you think?

This is what I posted…

new course on painting realism with oil — I hope some of you find it helpful!

Here's the link:

We just launched recently and are still adding to it, and eventually would like to cover EVERYTHING and then some. We already have a queue of more free videos we're trying to release this month, but we're open to feedback on what the most glaring omissions are so we can prioritize the stuff that people want the most.

I know landscape- and portrait-related stuff is high on many people's list so we're trying to hurry that stuff along as much as possible! If you have any other idea please let me know.

Hope this helps!


  • The moderators thought you were trying to poach wetcanvas members.
    Perhaps they thought it looked too much like a commercial rather than a discussion topic about art.

    Why don't you contact them by email and discuss your needs and encourage a collegial approach to learning to paint.

    At worst the may have assessed DMP as a threat to their mediocre style of art.

  • I've already mentioned you guys on there a few times. I agree with dencal. The moderators are nice ppl. Speak to them first.
  • David...maybe you didn't stress the 'free' aspect enough or early enough in your post. "Free" is buried in the middle of your write up and I missed it the first couple of times reading your note. The 'free' and 'education' aspects should be enough to encourage the moderators to take a another look and hopefully allow your post. The forum is not a threat to what they fact it could add artists and their works to their website.
  • I don't think that's the issue. As a forum moderator myself, you are asking for headaches if you don't read a short post before deleting it without explanation. And our traffic analytics showed a visit to the site from there immediately before it was deleted. If anything I thought saying FREE FREE FREE might look like an advertisement.

    I'm not worried about it. If they don't want it on there for any reason that's their deal. I was just surprised initially.
  • Thanks David....I was surprised as well and was just speculating....hard to speculate about their motives/actions when they don't offer an explanation for their action.
  • I wouldn't sweat it, David... I like the intense focus of this community and the fresh, new start it has with vanillaforum's platform.

    Seems like the folks that are seeking oil painting instruction like this will end up here just by word-of-mouth and by Google keyword searches. I know that I've done a few shares on Facebook and Twitter... so just building your community organically with quality referrals will pay off.

    I found the site thanks to the shadowbox content on youtube. Video has changed the game, I think. Being active on youtube has made all the difference for painting instruction and should set you apart. The comments I've seen there are very positive.

    There's also a nice cross-link at Amazon (I think) in the comments/reviews for the old video series. I think that alone will lead to plenty of visitors.
  • I think wetcanvas have a strict policy regarding the posting of links to other websites, irrespective of whether or not the poster has any involvement with the linked site. They also have an anti-solicitation policy which may be why your post was deleted.

    More here

  • I think wet canvas had some issues last week with posts disappearing and some being moved.
  • Actually Lpsdeb is right. Wetcanvas had a nightmare time these last few weeks. Posts were being uploaded to different sections ofthe site, so they seemed to be going missing. Before this the site was down for about a week. Poor guys.

    David, it's not specific to you. Look, here's my post advertising this site and they were happy to share it.

    They even moved it to member news so more people could see it.
  • David, I don't know if you would like to have a link to Draw Mix Paint on other artists websites, and I certainly do not want to intrude on your site, but that might be a way to get the site name out and help a lot of people. You may contact me if you would like to talk about it. I believe you have my email and website contact.
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