A long overdue greetings from the UK....

Hello all you fine artists!

My name is Michael and I must say I am rather fond of this site. I have owned the first of Mark's DVDs for quite some time now and I, as I am sure was the case for the vast majority who saw it, felt compelled to get the portrait DVD as soon was possible.

It is only now (after years of an abundance of patience and a distinct lack of money!) that I am able to finally put my money where my mouth is, and have begun renting within the last week a remarkably 'snug' room that is a 4 mile cycle from my home. I hope to turn this modest, slightly funky-smelling dwelling into a hub of artistic activity!

I aim to do this as thoroughly as possible and take inspiration from all you guys: ever-developing artists submitting fantastic pieces of art. I hope, and am quietly confident, that the possible barrage of questions I aim at you guys will be met with the usual warmth and integrity that is typical of this forum. I have been a passively active member of this site and it's predecessor but was reluctant to ever comment as I did not see a point when I would be able to get set up and contribute to the site. Well....

ps Mark, I was delighted and at the same time not remotely shocked when you mentioned you play jazz drums on one of the google chats. Good man! Patience is indeed a virtue!


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