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Very Nice

I'm Kruunch.

I've been painting for a few years and recently switched to oils (from acrylics). I had been doing landscapes (Bob Ross specials) and wanted to try my hand at portraits. Searching around the web, I came across the DMP videos and was instantly hooked.

I'm a computer programmer by profession, so I really appreciated the attention to detail his instruction provided.

I will admit to feeling like jumping out of a window after watching the silver cup video ... but being old enough to know what I don't know, I faithfully followed the techniques (in that video as well as the color checker and color mixing ones) and the results the first time through were astounding. My wife told me while she thought I was talented, she never realized I was *that* talented.

My reply was an incredulous "Neither did I".

I highly applaud Mark's efforts in promoting these art forms through his practical instruction. The world needs more people like that.

Anyways Mark, you have another fan (at least until I mangle my wife's portrait ;) )


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