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johnwjohnw -
edited September 2013 in Introduce Yourself
I've posted here, but I guess it's time I make a formal introduction.

I am a complete novice at oil painting. My only painting was an acrylic painting 38 years ago when i was about 12.
I used to draw a lot in pencil, today I tried a quick 5 minute freehand sketch of one of my dogs (I have 2 Labs, one black, one yellow) in pencil to see if should cut my losses right now, but I was not unhappy with the sketch.

Right now I am building my studio equipment. I have almost everything on the supply list in terms of art supplies, today I built a proportional divider and color checker. Tomorrow I begin the palette table and shadow box.

What brought me to painting?
I'm a guitar player, but I guess I wanted to express myself visually, as a change from sonically.

Also, I remember when I drew in pencil a lot, any time I looked at something, I'd look at it in terms of pencil strokes, every face I met was a drawing, every line in a face was a series of pencil strokes.

So I thought it would be nice to view the world in terms of color and brush strokes, that it might brighten my perspective, how I see things. I'm sure many of you long time painters look at everything like that after a while.

I'm located in Brooklyn, in a neighborhood occupied by many artists, although I'm not part of any art scene, but I'd be happy to share ideas with any Carderites in the area.

I work full time, and also play in a band, so my free time is very constrained, so I'm expecting to begin my first painting in a few weeks to a few months. I found DMP in July, and just got completely absorbed with learning.
Mark's slow, careful, highly detailed, and methodical style I found to be very calming in comparison to my life here in NYC. I'm hoping to channel some of that while I paint.

I bought all 3 of Mark's videos and watched mostly all of it.

I set out looking for simple color mixing rules, so I could dabble in paint, and found the most complete painting method on the web.

I feel very excited to start, but very patient to do it the right way, and I like how Mark's methods are all pretty scientific to such an extent that it makes failure seem impossible.

Thanks for reading!




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