Slow Dry Medium without Odorless Mineral Spirits

Is there a SDM formula that works without OMS?
I imagine without OMS it would dry even slower?
What exactly is the benefit of OMS in the medium?
I imagine that the OMS might help dissolve the Venice Turpentine and stand oil better and yield a thinner texture.
I get headaches very easily/often, so just checking if there is a way to eliminate OMS and still have workable paint.
If not I will work on ventilation, I'll be painting in the front room of my apartment, so I guess i could crack open a window.
This might curtail painting that I do in the winter. (NYC)


  • Think this is one that @Mark_Carder needs to answer. The Gamsol brand is very low on odor....have you tried it?
  • I have the Gamsol brand. Have not tried it yet.

    (I'm a newbie, still building the components, have all the art supplies, went to Home Depot for lumber this weekend. Can't wait to start, but taking my time to do it right.
    This website's been an amazingly complete source of information).

    Not sure if the odor, or the fumes themselves could cause some headaches.
    I definitely get headaches from kerosene, but I realize OMS is different.

    I guess maybe I should give it a try before worrying about it, and make sure my ventilation is good beforehand.

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