I mixed the medium for titanium white as instructed, and it keeps thickening. Is that normal, and can I add more medium?


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    Sorry David it is beyond redemption. The paint will set up like a blob of latex rubber, a beautiful thing in itself but quite useless for mixing paint.

    This is a hardy perennial topic on DMP. Rather than repeat all the advice use the SEARCH box on the top right corner of this page for the word "Titanium".

    Until you buy Mark's recommended TW I suggest you can just mix the one you bought from the tube with a bit of linseed oil to achieve the right consistency. That is enough TW for the painting session and mix a fresh lot next session.

    Here is a recent post on this topic
    I have had severe hardening with W&N TW 644 within a day of mixing with SDM.

    Several members have alternative brands (can't remember the brands). Search "titanium" in the top right search box.

    I have settled on Webers Permalba (I was able to buy nine big tubes for half price), but problems there also, so I mix as I go.

    Now using W&N water mixables in an effort to avoid solvents and paint inside during winter. My outdoor studio is fine in summer.

    Mark's Supply List recommends:
    I recommend Rembrandt Artist Oil Colour Titanium White (Linseed) for the titanium white. Look for titanium pigment mixed with linseed oil as those made with other oils form weaker paint films. This is why I prefer Rembrandt's Titanium formula over Winsor & Newton's.
  • Here is another link

    Before I started painting with Mark's method I read a couple of posts where people encountered the same issue. If you check the link above you'll see that this member seems to have the right supplies and for whatever reason her white paint still turned to plaster. In order to avoid this problem I decided to add the SDM ONLY to the batches that I've mixed in my palette. The only drawback I could think of about doing it like this is that the paint stays nice and buttery for about a day and a half.
  • I have the "Rembrandt Artist Oil Colour Titanium White (Linseed) #118"
    Has anyone had problems with it, or has this one remained problem free?
  • Don't know of anyone having a problem with the linseed oil titanium white. Geneva paint will be made from cold pressed linseed oil so that will for sure not cause a problem ; )
  • Thanks everyone. Next batch I'll do what Castillo does, and add just what I'm about to use. Buy the way I was using Rembrandt TW.
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