How to get set up very quickly

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I thought that I would share my quick setup for painting while I'm on the road, which you can adapt to paint using this method in just about any space.

1. Shadow box - Black foam core presentation board. Elmers (the glue people) makes them and you can pick them up for e few bucks at Office Depot or Staples. image

2. IKEA LED clip lights. Buy three. One for your still life setup which you clip on the foam board; one for lighting your palette; and one for your easel. All your light will be the same temperature, which is pretty neutral. image

3. While you're at IKEA, buy a couple of cheap black curtains to hang behind yourself so you don't get any light objects behind you reflecting off of your canvas. image If you can't hang curtains behind yourself, just make sure the lights are off back there and it is dark.


4. Buy some 300ml syringes to store your colors after you add SDM. I have had no problems with these and my colors have been in them for months. image

That's it. Time to paint.


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