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Hello - digital turncoat

Just saying hi from the UK, seems a great, friendly and informative forum!

So impressed with the method Mark so kindly demonstrates on his videos (will be buying the full versions soon once funds permit, damn this economy!) and the results that so many of you talented people are achieving using it.

I've worked in 3d for about 15 years professionally in Videogame, software dev, web, caricature, sprite art and animation etc and have been teaching myself traditional art techniques over the last couple of years. Theres something more satisfying with the physical approach as opposed to pushing pixels around. Plus my eyesight isn't what it used to be!

I'm doing the Schmid palletes to get used to the feel of oils, lots of pencil work and occasionally turning the room into a cloud of black dust with my charcoals. I haven't tried the Carder method yet, trying to sort out some space in my office and sum up the courage to dive in!

One day I hope to be able to post a painting using the Carder method to you guys.


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