Cotton and Linen

If I coat cotton canvas with several coats of Gesso, sanding between, would it come close to linen as far as texture. I like a smooth finish for detail. Thanks


  • Thanks Robert; That's what I thought would happen, I like the wood panels BUT the canvas will sell faster, I think. Cant afford linen, so I'm going to try that. it`s less work then the panels. I`ll let you know how it goes,
    Right now I have to finish a couple of commissions, one of them for a Magazine. So when I get published I`ll be a big shot. Isn`t that how it works ?? :))
  • I paint a lot of paintings, some good most bad, so the cost of linen is prohibitive. Like I said I think that the canvas painting will sell faster then the wood panel. and that's my objective ( to make money ) it`s hard for me to do my sculptures now, and I made a living at it most of my life. So painting is not new to me but I am ignorant when it comes to knowing what I`m doing.
    by the way I just saw your hangout with Mark and I thought it was very informative. It was strange looking at my portrait on the screen. Fed-x tells me the painting I sent you arrived on your porch at 1 pm. Let me know what you think of it. I get rave reviews from people that don't know what a painting should look like, so I would appreciate your input. Thanks
  • Kingston; forgot to address the above to you.
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