no blending for a year

i remember a story about Charlie Parker and his style of playing. When he was young he overstepped his abilities around some very talented players and one of them being another horn player who he admired. He walked off the stage (embarrassed) and was not seen or heard of for a year.
The following year he returned and played on the same stage. The previous musician from a year earlier heard him play that night. He packed up his horn and tossed it off a bridge. He was asked why and replied there is no use playing ever again if I cant sound like that.

This is extreme but i believe he searched for his style and practiced fundamentals for that year to find himself. This is odd but i remember giving up shading in my drawing and it really helped me capture the feel of the emotion I was trying to convey.

I think it is time to step back and learn to make every stroke count. This means every color mixed to the best of my ability prior to touching the canvas. I will try and study the use of all the different types of brushes and practice them extensively.

No blending until Sept 13, 2014.

I will post as I progress because I plan on staying with the Carder Method as my fundamentals.

looking for good pieces of Alla Prima for inspiration?


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