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I am fascinated with the botched restoration and know for a fact everyone here can do a so much better than the hairy monkey. We should all keep in mind even though this is a picture of Christ and we all may have different beliefs this is more of the consignment type. The artists of old spent their entire lives painting religious pieces so they can practice their trade. To me this is a challenge because the image is missing, colors are faded, and most of all the world deserves to see a better image than a hairy monkey.

The winner will have a site created and maintained for a year dedicated to this restoration with donations on the site being made to their favorite charity.

1. 60 days to complete
2. Must document and note each step for the site. This allows for the creation of the site to be a much easier process.
(the more images and documentation the better)
3. Lets try to stay as true to the Carder Method as possible.

The site:
1. A dedicated custom site dealing primarily with the restoration process.
2. A donation link set up to your favorite charity.
3. The only links on the site will be to your site (if you have one), charity and Draw Mix Paint. This is a clean site when done from scratch so my name will appear nowhere on the site.) I do not want any personal recognition. I want the image to be the main purpose. This is my tithe which has deeper meaning when anonymous.
4. If you choose a bio page about yourself can be added to the site. (handy if you do this for a living)
5. I am very familiar with site creation and recognition.
6. A gallery page with all entries and the links to their favorite charity.

I will front the expense for the site and creation for one year.

When i win (lol) the donations will be set up to go to my church witch is undergoing construction for a new building.

Like the Artists of old a true commission.



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