Excuse-me, how can post a work ?


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    Welcome to the DMP Forum

    Just below the "Leave a Comment" box there is some blue lettering that says "Attach a file".
    Clicking on this allows you to browse and select an image from your computer for posting.

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  • Thank you @dencal! Yes, the little blue link that says "Attach a file" can be found below the area where you type your posts. Once you choose your image, it will take a few seconds to upload, and then you will see a thumbnail of your image. If you hover over it, you'll see something like this:


    Put your cursor somewhere in your comment that you want your photo to appear, and then click the "Insert Image" link, and it will add some code to your comment. When you submit the comment, it will automatically resize your image to fit the forum so people see the full image. When people click this image, it will open up the full sized version of the photo which people can zoom into and see all the pretty little details in your painting!

    More information on processing and posting photos: forum.drawmixpaint.com/discussion/433

    If you have trouble getting it to work, let us know! The forum can be a little confusing at first.
  • Ghassan

    Beautiful and expressive drawings. Pastel I presume?
    These are the sort of images that makes you wonder about the story behind them.
    Well done on the posting too. Not too difficult to do.

    It would help other forum members if you could provide some information.
    I suggest a title, medium, size, support. It would be really helpful if you also posted any source image such as a photo, or state if these drawings are products of your imagination.

  • You definitely have your own stile. dencal is right, it tells a story. I think its very marketable. I like it, very good. =D> =D> =D>
  • STYLE, sorry need sleep
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