A painting a day

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I just wanted to post this and see if anyone else has done anything like this. In the UK on twitter we have a #paintseptember and #artisthour

During paint September you post your paintings done that day. I'm trying to do 1 a day for all September. You don't have to do one every day tho. These are 4 I've done in the last 4 days, I give myself 1 hour for each picture. In artist hour we sometimes paint during the hour, you have to tweet and paint, and show the pic after 45 mins. today I did the Boat in oil. 2 are in watercolour, and 1 on ipad.

These paintings are 3" or 2" ... So there not very big.
Does anyone do anything like this, it's to help you join in with the painting community in your area.

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