Size of canvas v pic size

I've goon brain dead. How do I word this? How do I right size pics vs the canvas size or vice versa? I.e. say a canvas of 20x30. What size do I make the pics?


  • Mark likes to have the scale between the prints and the painting the same, so he prints full pages of glossy photo paper and prints as many as he needs. He explains how he gets the scale to match in the "sizing prints to paint from" video on the home page:
  • Sorry I've had a stroke and my math skills are diminished. What size canvas for a 12x9 photo? Thanks
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    It's your choice. If you want to paint the entire photo, you will want the width-to-length ratio to be the same, so you could do 12x9 or 24x18 or 36x27 or 48x36 or 60x45 or 72x54, for instance. But you probably don't need to paint every bit of the photo onto your canvas, so you can do whatever size you want, or whatever is convenient for you. You will use the proportional divider to scale the measurements you take from your photo to your canvas.
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