just a rave comment

I LOVE the texture of the paint thinnned with the SDM! OMG! Absolutely addictive when you stroke it on the canvas. I mixed some small amounts of the 5 colors in some small jars. Then because I had some other colors already on my pallete that I love to use and that I did not want to waste, I scooped up each little puddle and using an eye dropper, thinned each one. Yum!!! Think I'll continue to do that with colors that I only use occasionally. I like to do paintings with bits of arbitrary color and not always the exact color I see on the skin or other items and also like to use tubed colors to save time in plein air, for instance. I also store my glass pallete in a sealed masterson case with a couple cotton balls of clove oil. Works great.

Anyway, thanks Mark!!!


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