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Texas girl

Hi everyone. Sorry it has taken me a few weeks to introduce myself. I have really enjoyed reading so much of the info here and have learned so much already.

I grew up and still live in Fort Worth. After an extensive career in the cosmetic industry, I retired from that in January of 1996. Retirement didn't last long for me and I started my own company, Suruchi Designs and spent 10 years designing and manufacturing fabric handbags and selling them at the major trade shows that are attended by buyers for boutiques, museum shops, etc in the country. I sold my company in March of 2010 and REALLY retired. I had started to paint in watercolor back in 2002 but had to put that aside as my business grew. As soon as it was sold, I dove back into my art hobby and did watercolor and a bit of pastel. This past March I took up oils and I'm totally in love! My favorite subjects are people, which I attribute to all those years as a makeup artist. However, I am TRYING to learn landscape! Yikes! Faces are so muc easier for me!

Anyway, I'm thrilled to be here and will be joining in the posting now. I mixed my first batch of SDM yesterday and mixed two colors. Headed out to get more jars today and get finished mixing.


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