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Mark's color wheel and canvas stain color card

VangieVangie -
edited January 2013 in Color Mixing
One of the advantages of buying the TCM DVD set is that it includes the TCM "good steps chart & color wheel card", as well as the "canvas stain color card". I find them very useful, indeed.

Attached are photos, although not really the best shots (from my iPad). I couldn't send a high res photo of the colour wheel, so I've attached a medium res only.

Mark, will you make them available via DMP for those who would like to buy them?


  • Hi Vengie!
    This photo is usefull for someone like me that is new in Carder method. thanks for sharing!
    Ciao Maria
  • useful to me too, thank you
  • thank you so much dear freind :)
  • Maybe someone could get a pic using David's camera process and post them for everyone.
  • Yes, very helpful. Many thanks.  Today I began mixing my Geneva paints for my first attempt at using the Carder method. I would love to be able to get a more exact color copy of Vangie's color wheel and canvas color matcher as suggested by gfish above or in some other way. 
  • @runstrong7 I hope that Geneva can send you something in the mail as regards the color wheel and color matcher.  But if not, you can make these for yourself if you have an ordinary inkjet printer and an image processor program on your computer, like Microsoft's Paint, Photoshop, etc.  First you would have to order a few sheets of a heavier weight of glossy photo paper that is compatible with your printer.  I get mine from  Then you would be able to print out the images that you see in the beginning of this thread onto something that would be glossy as well as sturdy.  Press the Print Scrn key on your keyboard to capture the image that you want and open it an image processor which will then let you crop, resize, and print out the images using your own printer.  Hope this is useful.  Summer  
  • VangieVangie -
    edited January 2017

    The images (of the cards) I've shared here many years ago, do not show accurate colors... one seems to be a bit too dark brown, and the other too bright orangey... which may also vary depending on whether you're looking at them using a Mac, or a PC, etc. 

    If you haven’t done so, it may be best to watch Mark's videos to get a better approximation of the color to stain your canvas, as well as the color to paint the back of your glass palette.

    how to stain a canvas
    includes how much of paint colors to mix to attain the right neutral stain color.
    Paint brands have changed, but recipe quantity remains the same.

    how to make great artists' palettes
    includes painting the back of the glass palette with a similar color as the canvas stain


  • @runstrong7 A good point that @Vangie brings up about getting the colors right on the cards.  All the more reason to adjust the colors in an image processor before printing them out on your printer if they are not to your liking.  You'll have a better idea of what you want after watching the videos.  As it so happened, when I printed the cards for my use, I didn't have to make any color adjustment in the software.  Summer
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