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Download and save

gfishgfish -
edited January 2013 in Technical Support
Well here I am again, chalenged on the details. The new design of the web site is very nice and I look forward to downloading the new video. My question is saving. Will I be able to copy the video to a dvd for my own use. I have had crashes in the past that wiped out everything, I know , backup, backup. Anyway would like to save to dvd and wondered if I could. Thanks, Gary


  • I saved mine to DVD yesterday for the same reasons... I have a Mac and the process was very simple. Saved to finder, converted to MP4 and moved it to ITunes (Movies) where I downloaded it to a DVD. May be more steps than others may want to take but I wanted it in ITunes for my IPad. LOVE the video!
  • Thanks Shirley, I take it the download went to one DVD. How did you convert it to MP4? I appreciate Marks answer, but 'yes' left me kind of like, 'can you get from here to there? Yes'.lol Its like painting, easy if you know how.
  • Great, thank you David. Always a big help
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