Opening Night

My annual exhibition opened tonight.  It went well with a better turnout than last year. I was worried I wouldn't sell any but I sold seven and the show is up for another two and a half weeks so I'm hoping to sell a few more.

Thanks to all the wonderful DMP members who have been so helpful and supportive with feedback over the last year as I worked hard to get the paintings done for the show.   

Here are some shots of the paintings on the gallery walls.  The full catalogue can be viewed here: Robert Brown | Colville Gallery (The site has not been updated yet to reflect all the sales) The Gallery has moved to new premises. Rather than the large modern space of the previous premises, the new venue is in a building which is nearly two centuries old with a variety of more intimate spaces. I like it but it's hard to get good photos of the paintings on the walls. 




  • Well done you.  Brilliant news.  Fingers crossed more sell over the coming days.
    I feel like I am looking at old friends in those photos, and not the people, but the paintings on the walls!!
    You can breathe easy now.
  • I was trying to figure out which one I love most, the answer is: none.  They are all equally good, and I can't pick a favourite. The only thing I could not identify in the photos is you. Congratulations for this years work !
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    I bet that Rob is the guy in the black polo shirt and black cap.

    My favourites are on the first photo, set deeper second from the left and on the 3rd from the botton, the surf over the orange yellow rocks. Congratulations, it must be quite of an event!
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    Thanks, @toujours, @adridri and @outremer.  I really appreciate the feedback I've had from you guys over the last year. It's been a diffucult year health-wise (thee surgeries and four hospitalizations) and it's amazing that I got as much done as I did. With help from you guys.  :)

    @outremer, you are very close. I look like that guy - I have the same beard, I dress the same (I buy my clothes from Best&Less) and I'm about the same age and we are both painters.  :)
  • Congratulations on your sales and hoping for all the rest to find new homes.  It's wonderful to see your paintings all hung in that new space, which does as you say look intimate.  Your artwork is just beautiful and it's no wonder they are selling.  Really enjoyed seeing them all hung up in that new space.  As always, looking forward to seeing what you are painting this year, hopefully in good health this time around.  Again, congratulations! 
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    Thanks so much, @A_Time_To_Paint. Your feedback is always so helpful.  I don't think I could could drive myself to work the way I do without the help I get from you guys.    <3:)
  • Congratulations on your success @tassieguy! very well deserved, your paintings are beuatiful :)
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    Thanks very much, @ArtGal. You always give feedback. It's been very helpful and greatly appreciated.  <3:)
  • So many beautiful paintings. Congratulations Rob on all your success! :)
  • Thanks so much, @Richard_P. Over the 7 years I've been on DMP you have been a constant. Not only offering helpful crits on work posted but also providing suggestions for improving references and even editing them for us to show how they could work better. Much appreciated.  :)
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    Congratulations Rob, they look fantastic.

    You have had quite a year im guessing the therapeutic aspects of putting your mind to your paintings perhaps helped you through some of the gruelling medical issues.

    Well done to you these pieces are incredible.

  • Same as above. 7 sales in one night must have been so cool. 

    It's good to see them in context, it gives an appreciation of the scale and dynamic you're creating. The darker walls work best with your paintings. 

    Are they all from the past 12 months or do you have some old friends amongst them?
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    Excellent. Well done Rob.
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    Thanks very much, @PaulB. :)

    I think you're right, @MichaelD. Painting has kept me sane. Thanks for all your help.  :)

    @heartofengland, there are two not-so-old friends among them that didn't make it into last years show Synchromy in Orange Major and Mount Nelson Scrub.  And, very pleasingly, they both sold. :)

    Thanks again you guys.  :)
  • Excellent show.  Looks like everyone was having a great time.  Congrats on the sales.  
    I am impressed with your level of work in both quality and quantity.  I think you deserve a break, but something tells me you will spend that time exploring and taking photos for new works.  😀

  • Cheers, @GTO.

    You're right. If I don't have a painting to do I'm like a cat on a hot tin roof. If I've got a painting to do I'm happy. So I doubt it will be long before I'm back at the easel again.

    You've provided helpful crits and comments on all the work I've posted over the last year for which I am very grateful. So, thanks heaps. :)
  • Congrats @tassieguy your work looks lovely displayed all together , I think it has a wonderful flow of landscapes , ocean to mountain terrain .. what an accomplishment! Thank you for sharing your pictures. 
  • Hey Rob. Blows my mind to see this. I remember you posting several of those paintings on this platform. Now we see them up for sale. Congratulations! Btw I like the idea of the older building more.
  • Thanks very much, @dwald.  I had a lot of help and support from you folks here on DMP.  :)
  • This is a stunning exhibition. There are all these works I've never seen before. The colours and textures of Tasmania swirling about on the walls. I think the only limit in sales is around exposure. I think the Glover Prize should certainly be within your reach. By the way, when the finalists of the ARC Salon were posted I had a potential buyer from California look me up the next day. You should definitely enter a few there for international exposure - only need to send images.
    (A building 200 years old is very old in Australia. My ancestors were well-established in Tassie by then though, up in Norfolk Plains.)
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    Thanks, @Abstraction:)

    I was happy with how the show looked in the new (old) venue and pleased with sales so far. I sold one this year that's going to Massachusetts.

    I've entered a couple (which were not included in my annual show) in this year's Glover Prize. But it's awfully hard to get in. The judges are generally not into traditional realism. I'm definitely going to try to get something ready for the next ARC Salon where we know realism is exactly what they are into.

    Not sure of the exact date of the building the gallery is now in but it goes back a way. Hobart was established in 1803 and the building is in sandstone and  Georgian in style and just off Salamanca place which goes back to the 1830s. So it will be getting close to 200 years old.

    Thank you for your feedback on works posted over the last year.  :)
  • An ancestor of mine designed a few of the old buildings in Hobart.   Lenna (sp?) was one of them.   I had a meal there once, many years ago.    The museum in Hobart had some of his tools on display when I was there over 30 years ago. I loved Hobart for its old buildings.   I remember many happy hours wandering around Battery Point and all its antique shops and gardens full of geraniums (pelargoniums?).
  • I recognise some of those paintings...great to see you enjoying the fruits of your hard work.  It must be so satisfying to have sold seven paintings already.  Hearty congragulations on your well-deserved success!
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    Thanks vey much, @Gary_Heath. This was my 4th annual exhibition and each time I've felt it was the culmination of a year's hard work and each time I've been mindful of the help I have had from you guys here on the forum.  :)
  • Rob
    This work is so good and worthy of wall space in any venue. Congratulations on a successful show.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if some of your sharp eyed buyers are picking these up at $2 a sq inch and reselling them in Melbourne for $4 or $6 a sq inch. That’s what I would do.

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    Thanks, @dencal. I'm glad you think they look ok on the walls. 

    I once did a calculation and it turned out that, at my current prices, I work for about $4 an hour and about the same per square inch after the gallery takes its cut. Just as well painting doesn't feel like work, lol.  :)
  • They look brilliant @tassieguy. Congratulations, and they all deserve to sell!
  • Maybe you need to do prints as well to get above that $4 an hour!
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    Thanks, @Roxy:)

    @Richard_P,   that sounds too much like hard work.  :)
  • What a wonderful show @tassieguy a lot of hard work behind this 
  • You should been a full time painter all your life Rob :)
  • Cheers, @Richard_P. It's what I always wanted to do. Better late than never, lol.

    I've always loved paintings and been fascinated by the process. But I was poor and the need to eat and pay the rent got in the way. And I didn't know how to paint until I found DMP after I retired.  :)
  • A wonderful show! Thank you so much for sharing and congrats on your sales. I hope that this year will continue to be prosperous for you.
     I'm working it out to come back here and continue oil painting, but I have a little more homework to do beforehand. I'm starting anew.☮️😂
  • Hi Rob ,  I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to read of your success. So so proud of you !! 
    Your paintings are absolute masterpieces and I envy those who can see them in person and even more I envy those who will get to enjoy them every day in their own homes. 
    You are a magical painter ❤️❤️❤️
  • It's been great to see you evolve from the beginning here at DMP and get the well deserved recognition. I'm certain that your outstanding work will continue to be recognized for quite some time.
    Just me but, I would like to see your paintings shown in other countries as well, sometime in the future. These are remarkable landscape paintings! When they make it to 🇨🇦 I would arrange to go see and enjoy the view.🤗
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    Thanks, @Hilary. You are one of those whose support kept me at it in the first couple of years when I was really struggling with learning how to paint.  Great to see you here again.  :)<3:)

    @Forgiveness. Thanks.  I'm glad you like them. It's good to see you back here, too.  :)
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