I'm Don. Began oil painting a year and a half ago. I have done about 12 paintings, mostly landscape. I am about to begin painting Mark's "Yellow Roses" still life. I am hung up because I can't find a suitable picture to use that has the defined values to use for the painting. Taking values off the computer screen are not defined enough. Any suggestions???


  • Donney


    Suggest getting the largest and best quality print, laminated and then mix values to visually match photo.
    Dab paint strokes on photo and wipe off. Ensure even, bright light (5000k) on palette and canvas.

    Mark demonstrates this process on several free videos. There is no need to have values “defined”.

  • Hi, @Donney. Welcome to the forum.  :)

    It is possible to paint from a tablet screen. I'm doing that with my current whopper.  :)
  • Don, welcome! And one more advise. Don't think that painting from life, compared to painting from a photo, is complicated when you start. Simple static subjects can be even much easier because you have much more information for your eyes.
  • Hi Don.
    Welcome to the forum.

    I'm not sure what you mean "defined values" and "not defined enough"

    @dencal gives good advice. I found it easier to work from photos the same size as my painting. I did this by sticking multiple smaller photos to a board. Dabbing paint on laminates did not work for me, I dab onto a lollipop stick and hold it next to the photo instead.
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    Welcome! I don't know what defined values means, I can't imagine a picture with undefined values. Be more specific?
  • Don, welcome.  :)

    The easiest way, in the absence of a good printed reference image, might be to go out and buy a bunch of yellow roses... and then paint as fast as you can before the petals drop.  =)

    Can quite understand personally your reluctance to paint from a screen-referenced image.

    With kind rgds, and looking forward to hearing from you again soon,
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