Wire sculptures (as promised to @Desertsky )

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I started playing a few years ago with wire.    Every now and again I do something, for a present, or myself or just to fill in a moment or from compulsion.

The penguin and cat were some of  my first...

The cat looks better on a wall, hard to photograph, sorry.   It was a housewarming pressy years ago to someone who lost their cat and moved house at the same time.   Larger than real life.

This Koala was a wedding pressy,  The size of a small koala.

My pet hare died after living with me for 8 years.   I made this to have a hare relaxing around the place for all  time.   Larger than real life.  It is a real cobweb collector, as you can see!

This cat was a gift for an ill sibling who lost their cat.  I had to carry it on a plane, which was an experience, as was customs!  Larger than real size also.  Once again, better on a wall, my photos on a floor, sorry.

One of my first ...

A bit of whimsy.   I could not throw away this scrap of wire when I saw what it was trying to be!

My grandmother's favourite saying.   Hangs in my kitchen.

Cat on my shed wall.

I am sure I have forgotten one or 2, but any viewers are most likely bored by now! 
Not one of these will be altered regardless of suggestions on how to improve them.   They are what they are, warts, spiders and all!
 Thanks for looking. and for to anyone who comments.


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