Advertisement Painting

Since I am not on social media platforms like fb and instagram etc.... I have decided to advertise locally for commission work.
I can't be the only person on here who has done this before, so I would love to see this thread full of everyone's promotional works.

I was at the local pet food shop the other day and realised I should put a painting on the notice board to get the word out.   Also the vet clinics in town,

I grabbed a sheet of A4 canvas and painted a picture of  photo I had taken recently of an 80 year old relative holding a wee chick my hen had hatched.

My thoughts were to do 3 paintings, one for each shop noticeboard.   I was pleased with how it turned out and reluctant to have people pin other things on top of my painting, so I had photocopies made of the original.  Of course, the colour was wrong.   Far too green in the printed version so I mixed a burnt umber/burnt sienna mix, added a bit of turps and stand oil and painted it over each photocopy to tone the green down.   Still not as good as the original, but it worked a treat!!

I did another painted advertisement for my work 15 years ago, but it is on a stretched canvas, and has a holder for business cards attached.  Fine for display at an market or horse show, but useless for a notice board.

Does anyone else do these sorts of self promotional advertisements?  I would love to see photos of them if you do.


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