Choo Chooo ! 8x6inch oil on paper

“The Waverley Route was frequently affected by snow blockages in winter, especially on exposed stretches of the line. In this scene `J36` 0-6-0 No.65327 shows evidence of recent snow clearing activities as it takes a rest at Galashiels on 8th February 1958”

Made a start on this. It feels like I havnt painted for ages then I reminded myself that I painted 8 pieces last year with one not yet finished.

One of our admin team at work is moving on to a new post and he has quite an obsession with trains. So I decided to paint this as a leaving gift. Unfortunately the black and white source photo isnt great (above is a quote of the  caption under it from the book it is in). But I have sharpened and cleaned up the image and its good enough for me to make something of it.
I may even add some gentle colour. 

Its been a nice way to stat the year for me, to pick up the brush again.   :)


  • A good start!

    If you post the original image I might be able to improve it some more with some of the AI programs I have.
  • Thanks @Richard_P, mighty kind of you. Here is original, not very good photo copy form the book.
    I have been working from a version that I improved on this.

  • Great start, @MichaelD. And a great idea for a gift for your departing train-lover colleague.  I'm sure you'll make something very special of it as you did with the Ford Falcon.

    I was fascinated by steam engines when I was a kid. I have fond memories of travelling from my small inland town on a steam train the 130 miles to the big city of Melbourne. It felt like such an adventure. I still remember the smell of the coal smoke and steam and the sound of the whistle. That was in the late 1950s - well over 60 years ago. Sadly, those trains are long gone. The line is all diesel/electric now. It's faster but the romance and adventure of the steam train is missing. 

    I'm sure you'll make a fine job of it and that your colleague will love the gift.  I look forward to seeing it finished. :)
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    Yes I saw one like this on the line a few years back that had been restored. I can imagine your excitement as a kid going on one.

    Thank you Rob, I hope I do it justice. The source actually isnt so bad and even though its not something I would personally choo choose (sorry about that  =) ) to paint its actually enjoyable to tackle.
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    Thank you @Richard_P, yes I guess there is a limit on what can be done considering the photo was probably taken over 60 years ago, printed in a book not long after that.

    There is enough to go on for me to make something he will be pleased with though.

    Thanks again.
  • Looking good, love the subject and good start. Looking forward to the finish.
  • Good start you have made here.  I am really looking forward to seeing the end result.  How exciting.
    I toyed with painting an old steam train for my 2023 calendar (have yet to post on that), but ended up strapping it in favour of another angle of the building I wanted to highlight behind the tracks.  Not being mechanically minded, I struggled to understand what I was looking at in the old photos.   I can appreciate your struggle.
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    Thank you @toujours, I hope you do an old steam train, having toyed with the idea.

    Yes there are struggles but efforts and attempts at overcoming them are something to relish, and kind of what its all about I guess.

    In the centre of the source for this one, there is what to me looks like a plume of steam, though initially I had thought it may just be bad printing as it is not emanating from the front chimney..
  • "In the centre of the source for this one, there is what to me looks like a plume of steam, though initially I had thought it may just be bad printing as it is not emanating from the front chimney."

    Spit on. Venting steam from the mechanism behind the dome. The loco is stopped so not using steam to move.

    Drawing / painting forces us to SEE rather than glance... I really enjoy this.
  • Yes @heartofengland, it is stationary, I think you are right that it is venting steam.

    Other thoughts arose like, perhaps they are making a cuppa in the cabin, or one of the houses behind have thrown a bucket of water in the snow. Too much steam for both of those.

    Your explanation is most plausible. 

    Thank you  :)
  • ohhh great subject matter...and you've got quite a bit down already! great job...I love anything dad was an army mechanic and worked on large machines like this, tanks etc. I always remember him coming home smelling of the engine oil and grease.
    Your workmate will love this @MichaelD
  • Thank you for your kind words @juith.

    I am pleased that it brought back memories for you too  :)
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