How to Record Information on Works for Posterity?

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I have pondered on occasion, the best or most useful, (or long lived?) way of attaching pertinent information to a painting?    Do people write on the frame; glue something on the back of the canvas, or have an accompanying sheet of paper,; or does your signature do all the work of recording who you were and let the painting speak for itself?

I am not particularly organised and in the past, have just done what felt right at the last minute before selling a painting.   What/where the picture is, who it is of, size and medium who painted for if a commission, etc...

I am often conscious that history soon gets lost in this world and within a few years, people quickly forget unwritten information.   I would be keen to hear how other people manage this issue, what you do and any special materials, adhesives, pens etc.... or if they do not worry about it at all.

Thanks in advance to (anyone?) and everyone who contributes to this thread.   The more information out there, the better.
If this has been covered in other threads, I do apologise, I am pressed for time and have not searched for anything.

Ed it add, Paintings on board, or canvas board, I sometimes put gesso on the back and paint the information in in the past.   A bit like another painting on the back of the painting.   This can't be done with canvas stretched on a frame.


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