Really big portrait

Just came across this farmer portrait while passing by a village which we then visited, Fanzara. Apparently it's known for European artists to come here to do building size paintings, and has become a local attraction in the area. The whole village is like that, quite lost in the mountains. Can't imagine the challenge of going that big. I guess you need a special proportional divider to keep proportions ? 



  • adridri

    Here is a better demo of the Doodle Method for sizing murals.


  • Pretty impressive, what an exciting discovery for tourists to the village.
    Silo and water tower art is gaining popularity in Australia and I think it is done in USA as well? There are tourist trails which take you from silo to silo around Australia.
    The perspective must be a nightmare to sort, let alone the execution!
  • In parts of rural Australia it's flat and the country towns feature a railways station and a silo and not much else. It's become a thing to do murals on the silos that reflect the local area. This one at Sea Lake pays tribute to the traditional owners the Boorong people, who apparently had more knowledge of astronomy than other tribes. I think graffiti has the best canvases and best galleries. For me it's the most contemporary and relevant visual art and the locations themselves are statements. And imagine those local kids seeing themselves up there! Depending on the artist hopefully they spend time understanding the identity and soul of the area they iconicise in art.
    People now do silo art drives.

  • @Abstraction @toujours
    Wow, these silo paintings are very impressive.  Yes that must be quite fantastic for those kids living there. It's magic :)
  • @dencal Denis, I did not know about that technique, thank you for teaching me something today! Thanksfully he is not doing transparent watercolor work.
  • adridri

    The doodle grid method can be applied to paintings and drawings of any size. Gets away from the tedium of regular grid work.

    In Procreate the doodle layer can be sized and rotated to fit the image and a new combined doodle/image layer created so that work can be shared and proceed over days and weeks without having to set up each session.

    Young South Australian's face on Moscow mural

    Ten-year-old Harry Lebrun of Tumby Bay, South Australia has never been to Moscow but thanks to Argentinian muralist Martin Ron, his face has left its mark in the Russian capital. Read the full story


  • @dencal
    I agree about getting away from grid methods. I usually go free hand, that's why I was wondering about the method for large size. I have no intent to go mural soon though. But I'll remember that when the need will come 😉.
    That kid painting is awesome, he must quite happy to become internationally famous !
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