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If I hang a 6500K fluorescent light fixture on the ceiling with a bracket that angles at 35 degrees toward my easel would that work as opposed to mounting it flat to the ceiling?


  • In my experience lighting is a suck-it-and-see approach.

    Maybe set up you easel, put on a scrap canvas and put some paint or oil on it. Then get a friend to hold a lamp/torch in different places to see where the best light source position is for your setup. Once you figure that out, you can see what fittings fit your needs.

    I spent ages getting the lighting angles right before my first painting... my first dab of black paint was 100% reflections... lots of rushed modifications while my prepared palette began to dry.
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    Your light temperature might be too yellow. Your still lifes will be yellowish looking. Couldn't you get 5000k - 5500k?
    Can't advise about ceiling mounting.
  • I experience a lot of frustration. I do have LED's about 5000k that are flat on my ceiling (didn't think to have them installed at an angle that may have been a good idea). I  like painting standing which makes it hard because the higher the painitng the more glare, especially on the top.  So, I sometimes try to lower it somewhat and if necessary sit or kneel for the lower parts of the work. 
  • Glare is reflected light so you either have you light to far behind you, or you have a too rough surface with grains picking up on your studio light. Have you identify which it is ? What is the angle between your studio light and the vertical? Mark has a video about setting up the right angle. I'd your glare from studio light or other light source ?
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    Here is a helpful graphic.

  • I recall Andrew Tischler saying he made some major works in his early years and it wasn't until they were hung elsewhere with different lighting that he realised the colours were all wrong. That's why he got control of his lighting colour. Worth noting.
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    I don't know if I'd use 6500k lamps. I bought two screw-in bulbs and the light was VERY blue, even unnatural. As a one-off purchase I don't know if they were defective. The sample in the store was more "daylight" than these two.  I took them back for some 5500k lamps.

    The color rendition was so "off" that it freaked-out my cats.
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