Cows 4 - Progress

Howdy everyone, it's currently -29c [-20.2f] with a wind chill of -40c [-40f] here in Alberta so I am very much indoors. Been working on a new cow picture, trying to get it done before the deadline of a juried show I will submit it to. Please excuse the poor cell phone photo quality, I will photograph it correctly once I am certain I have nothing to change about it!




  • Ohhh, this is looking great already! Love how you've blocked in the main forms and suggested the key features with little detail.

  • Looking good. I like the blueish light on their snouts and backs. And I like the simplicity with which you've blocked in the background. 
  • They each have their own character.  You’ve captured the texture and sheen of their coats.  The landscape in the back looks good too.
  • Great source photo and beautifully painted.

    One thing, are the hooves of the central cow a little bright for the edge of the painting? Possibly distracting from the faces and landscape.

    It's a question not a critique. Photos of paintings are fickle. 
  • That's fantastic.  This may seem ridiculous, but the thing that most impresses me is the way you painted the foreground grass. 
  • This is really very impressive.   You have done an excellent job with this in its entirety.   I am pleased you changed the legs.
    Love the wet noses, just missing a tongue in the nostril or some drool!
    I only hope the Santa bull I am starting soon looks as good as this when it is finished.
  • Lovely work @StephanHM, and a good idea to leave the wire fence out  :)
  • This is great @StephanHM.  Enjoyed seeing your process as well.  I believe one of the most difficult things to paint is something all black.  You've done a wonderful job capturing the values.  I really like your painting.  It makes me smile.
  • @StephanHM it looks great and I agree that I also enjoyed see your blocking in and process, thank you.  Hope you beat your deadline. 
  • Having a not rushed for time look and I would check the leg on the very left of the painting,   It looks kinked and off skew somehow.   If this is for a show, you want it to look realistic and I would hate for that leg to let you down.  Best of luck and please let us know how you get on.
  • Thats a sellable painting. Admire the attention to detail on the foreground grass, it has added dimension to the work. 
  • Hi everyone, I first of all want to thank you all so much for your kind words!

    I ended up missing the deadline because I misread the date as january 31st instead of the actual due date which was january 30th, a very typical misstep for me to be honest. I am pleased that I was able to finish it in a timely manner though, so I am not too upset about missing the show.

    @toujours you are correct about that leg looking weird, it was there in the source but the other half of the leg was covered by fence so I missed out on some context there. Since it's not in the show I have plenty of time now to adjust the shape, so I'll deal with that in some way. Best of luck on your santa bull!

    @heartofengland I will have a good hard look at it, since you mentioned it. :)

    About grass: Thanks to everyone who commented on my grass! It was really difficult at first, but as I'm currently focusing on cattle as my subjects it has become a necessity to paint grass somewhat convincingly. I did take a lot of cues from Andrew Tischler's youtube videos, he paints really nice landscapes. I also use this really busted up bristle fan brush to put the grass pieces on there. There's about 50% of the bristle missing from it and I'll be real sad when the other half of the bristles get worn off finally.

    I will post the final version soon!

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