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    AI Art is Art cannibalism.


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    Interesting article in ABC australia news today along with a quiz: pick the AI or human art. I only got 4 out of 10 right. And I was only guessing on every single one. I couldn't say.
    The article indicates
    a) Currently there are shortcomings that the trained eye can spot (obviously that isn't me.) The machines will eventually overcome this though.
    b) That people who produce digital art are most at risk of losing out. I expect there will be job losses. Games industry, advertising, etc. Goodness.
    c) It will potentially raise the value of people who use real paint.
  • Is the image of Margaret Thatcher an AI generated image? 😀
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    I didn't do much better, @Abstraction. I only got five right.
    It's good to hear that human painters will still have a place.  :)

    Here's a link to the article in case anyone wants to try guessing which is AI art and which is human art.
    Can you tell if these artworks were created by artificial intelligence or a human? Take our quiz - ABC News

  • I identified all ten correctly.
    the trick is how the eyes and hands are treated and any funky transitions and repeated distortions.
  • GTO said:
    Is the image of Margaret Thatcher an AI generated image? 😀
    I think, like most politicians, it was always a PR generated image.
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    Got 6/10. Hard to tell for some of them like the rabbit or the funky style computers.... Sometimes we recognize weird compositions that are a bit typical of AI.
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    I almost spat out my breakfast on seeing the image of this hideous, Union breaker, taking milk from children, giving the order to sink a retreating enemy ship(the list is long) egomaniac of a politician.

    Some years ago a gentleman greatly improved, in my opinion, a statue of her by beheading it.

    In fairness I guess the image would make a good dartboard.

    Rant over, sorry if I got a tad political there  =)

  • @MichaelD, agree with you about the school milk - the Belgrano however was begging to be sunk. War is a bad place, but I agree with you that both decisions were decided more through political opportunism than necessity.

    Let's just paint them out of the picture, Eh?  ;)
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    @MoleMan, I believe the Belgrano was outside the, legally questionable, exclusion zone, retreating and not a threat when she gave the order to destroy it killing many of those on board. I dont call that begging to be sunk, so I guess we differ on that. There is a memorable TV moment when a member of the public grills her on it. Of course like a true politician she slithered and wormed her way out with rhetoric on her answers.

    Im afraid even just an image of her is enough to trigger memories of very bleak years.

    But yes, give em a taste of thier own medicine and whitewash them out.

    Back to art  =)
  • Thanks to @GTO I managed to get 10. Zoomed in and anything that looked like a weird ‘non-human’ artifact I chose AI. 
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