My first oil painting,OOC,18X24

Hi friends,this is my first oil painting,almost finished,except for a few small touches.I am painting with acrylics on and off since the last 4 years,but I wasn't happy with the finish I am getting with portraits.I was scared to try oil paints primarily because of the fat over lean principle,and to some extent,all the mediums involved and the cleaning process.It all felt cumbersome,compared to acrylics.Somehow,got over that feeling and ordered some water mixable oil paints last month.Saw a lot of you tube videos about the oil painting portraits,but in the end you learn mostly through your own experience.It was a good learning process for me,and still a lot to learn.

I was confused about using linseed oil or liquin for glazing,in the end did some glazing with liquin.The reference pic was taken from,courtesy of Ramandeep.It is titled,Potter at work.I tried to match the values,not the exact color.Basic thing in this  is to convey the potter enjoying his work,I hope I am successful in that.Comments and critique welcome,thanks for looking.


  • This is very good, @sridhargopal. Excellent considering it's your first attempt at oils. I especially like your handling of the man's skin tones  - it looks very realistic.
  • Hello. Very nice. I especially like the face. Looks like the wet hand was more difficult to render. Excellent first attempt, it's a success!
  • Thanks for the comment @tassieguy,much appreciated.
    Thanks for the comment @adridri,you are right,I stuggled a lot to paint the right hand.
  • @sridhargol, it's a very good facial portrait, and if that was your focus then everything else is accessory.
    If on the other hand (the right hand as painted) and which deserves attention, you could perhaps re-work that bit.

    Not an unkindly meant hint: trim the picture to fit the face, or grow the picture to fill the space. I think you paint very well, but the right hand is too splattered with clay and looks prosthetic - and I don't think the pot is the objective.

    With very best regards, Duncan
  • Duncan,thanks for the comments,much appreciated.The pot is not the objective,but the main focus is the face of the man,unfortunately it's too high in the picture.But,I wanted to show the movement of the pot and the whole messiness while making the pot.I agree with your comment on the right hand,I painted it 4-5 times,could not do more than that.
  • Then (the right hand). make it bold, big ite up, make it forward, and most foremost. The hand. The face will follow and will own its space more, and will qualify with distinction .  :)
  • I really like it. My only minor problem is exactly what you wanted to show though :) The movement of the pot. I think that blur belongs more to photography, and painting should not compete. But that is personal. You need to "listen" only to yourself on that.

    Hope you will like oils more and more as you go.
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    Thanks for the comment @outremer,much appreciated.I agree,the blur is somewhat more on the pot,I will decrease it.The blur on the platform is intentional,as it indicated the fast movement.I like oils,and I will probably use oils for the majority of my paintings.
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