Artist Management Software

I am trying to find stand-alone management software for artists. I use to use working artist but was looking to find something newer. Everything I am seeing is cloud based and I do not want to pay a monthly fee for what I do with the software. Any suggestions? 


  • GeorgewMinor

    Struggled for a few years with this problem, reviewed lots of apps. Outrageous fees everywhere.
    Decided that I wanted only inventory, photos, values and tracking for location. Sales, tax, insurance, customer data, barcodes and security (radio frequency identification chips) could come later.

    Excel could do this easily but went with TapForms database written specifically for iPad. Poured over structure and design for some days but arrived at a normalised form I was happy with. Populated the database with Excel comma delimited parcels.

    TapForms is still new and in development, but aside from the query and reporting side the app works well.

  • Thank you I will be looking into this

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