Elderberry wine

Hello. Here is some leftover of home made elderberry wine. Did my best to keep these brushstrokes not blended and stop working before overdoing it.. A friend suggested to call it abstinence, I usually do not like to give name to my paintings. 

Photo in artificial light is really bad, but sun hasn't come out in weeks... I don't know why non natural light make all the brush strokes disappear into a blended mess while sunlight reveals all the brushwork. I'm using truelight led though, supposed to have similar spectrum as sunlight...

I keep being bothered by the lemon reflection. Not subtle enough I think. It really appeared that big and homogeneous in intensity but does not come out well.
Critiques welcome, thanks.



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    I love this, @adridri. You draw very well - all your ellipses are great.  And your treatment of glass is beautiful. The highlight on the lemon is good in terms of colour but I think the way the light is picking out its edges makes it look too prominent.

    I relate totally to the difficulties of trying to photograph paintings in artificial light. Outdoors in sunshine is the best. But it's a struggle when the weather won't cooperate for long periods. Winters down here are cloudy, wet and windy so I just have to do the best I can with my studio lights. I think the problem is because artificial light comes from one concentrated source, whereas outside the sunlight is bounced around by the atmosphere and seems to come from all over the sky and so it is much more even.  :)
  • Beautifull @adridri, I like the background but the glass is very well done as well. I don't see any prominent blending so I think that went really well. One thing is whether the glass foot ellips might need to be slightly more round, but I'm not sure about it. What is the size of the painting?
  • This is really lovely! Great brushwork and suggestion of forms. Well done!
  • There are some beautiful touches in there that so simply bring it to life. The glass pings. I think elderberry wine deserves a moody yet bright piece like this. I'm guessing, I've never tried it but saw it can go with lemon. Very unified composition.
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    Thanks for taking to time to look at it and for the feedback!
    @JerryW The size is A3. There might be some perspective issue, I had to tweak the wooden board because I was looking at my shadowbox from a little to high, so this might show indeed. I will have to set it up a little higher to have a more horizontal view on my still lives.  
  • Love that glass. Looks so perfect. The reflection on the lemon looks right to me.
  • Looks great @adridri. The wine glass looks perfect. On my phone, it looks like a lime in the picture, could the shadow be a little lighter and fade slightly on the edges due to the spherical shape? The colors look great, especially at the bottom of the glass, which looks very hard to capture. The highlights really look great. 
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    Great technique.
    There's something wrong with the drawing of base of the glass. The ellipse? The relationship in space or plane? In fact all the lower ellipses seem out of whack sweeping left?

    I made the CG to demonstrate

  • @KingstonFineArt damnit, I did not even notice it. As the boss said, if you bypass a step you pay the consequences. I skipped the careful drawing step and voila 😁. Paint has dried on me so I'm not sure if I should rewet this area and correct it or just leave it as a souvenir of my laziness... 
    Anyway, thanks for pointing it out and for the simulation. How did you do that  btw?
  • Just paint over it It oil paint after all.
    Rub the area with painting medium. DMP if you've made some. Use a clean white cotton cloth. That'll open the paint enough for bonding.

    I paint over paintings all the time. I have have a few small canvases with 3 paintings on them. When I'm dead and famous they'll X-ray them and make a documentary about it.  ;)B)
  • @KingstonFineArt, can the DMP Brush Dip be used in this way?
  • @whunt @dewald thanks. I must admit I rushed that lemon + shadow I was sleepy, it was late. Could have been softer, very true.

    @KingstonFineArt 😂 bring them to my synchrotron, we have the most powerfull man made x ray source on the globe at the esrf (European synchrotron radiation facility). I'll try the oiling out thing and rewatch the DMP video on that matter. Thanks
  • @whunt
    I wouldn't. It's meant to not dry. You could use linseed with a pinch of Gamsol. 
  • @whunt
    I wouldn't. It's meant to not dry. You could use linseed with a pinch of Gamsol. 
    And a pinch of salt, perhaps.  =)
    @adridri, and another very good painting...  I think you are doing really rather well.
    Best rgds, Duncan  :)
  • @adridri, 'lemon'? I'd read it to be a lime?
    And the elderberry looks a little thin. I made five gallons of elderberry wine around thirty-five years ago, and it had the depth and colour (although not quite the elegance) of a half-decent port wine. Alongside that, I'd made a five-gallon batch of parsnip wine and which was less vicious, and didn't stain carpets as badly as the elderberry. All men go down, you know, when they've had enough - and there's nothing un-manly in that!
    The elderberry wine was, however, very good for hand-to-hand combat, The parsnip wine was better suited to laying down - and avoiding.  :)
  • I LOVE how this turned out!!!!
  • I LOVE how this turned out!!!!
    And I love where it's going.  :)
  • @MoleMan @allforChrist thanks for the feedback guys! yes it's a lime, my english...  I don't really have a reference to compare it to since it was the first time for me to taste that kind of wine, bit it didn't last long 😜. We also have nuts wine, it's delicious!
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