Finished portrait "Marlinette" 89x116cm

It took me a while but it's finally done. 
I'm not entirely satisfied with everything but I decided to stop before I overwork it. I can't wait to see it varnished and framed in two months. 

For my next painting I'll try to work faster, and be more accurate from the very start. I ended up painting almost everything more than twice, so I definately need to work on a more direct approach. 

I'd love to hear some of your thoughts on the painting, all critisism is welcome.   



  • It's beautiful. I love the composition and color scheme. That green drape behind the subject works so well, as do the other items in the room. And I like the way the subject looks out at us, as if she had just looked up from her book as someone enters into the room.  Well done!  :)
  • Thanks @tassieguy, that's exactly what I wanted to capture, the moment she looks up from her book as someone enters the room. 
  • I love it! It's a great painting, brilliant composition and lovely expression on her face.
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    Very nice 👍 I like it a lot. I like your edges. Wouldn't the hair line be better a little softer ? Both above the forehead and the exterior contour of the hair ?It is fantastic. The composition is great also, very well done.
  • @IlariKoskimies I like it, especially because the scene has a calmness about it and is well balanced, it is not overworked! congrats on this one!
  • Restful. In the moment (the book, the looking up. Candid, but with genuine repose.) Dimensional (the angle has me subconsciously wanting to move into the space around the left side of the chair to behind her, then turn to the left and look out the windows across and up and the outdoors, and glance behind the curtain. Not thinkingly, just the sense of space you created. Portraits with flat background bore me a little and the angled approach with open spaces out of reach is delightful.) Stated without overstating. Simple, unbusy planes of value tell the story. The play of complementary green against the warmth. The direction of light. The roundness of the seat seen and implied is cosy and unifying. Posture. It's restful and elegant and I'm sure she must love it. I do.
  • I wanted to add that I find it has somewhat of an "edward hopper" quality to it, in the way you treated planes and the interior.
  • Can't offer any professional advice, but I think others will be helpful with that, but just beautiful! Interesting and pleasing all over. The green drapery behind her, the Ratan chair, the corner of the Oriental rug, all look great against her clothing and hair. My eyes travel to the window light and shadows on the items in the back along with her expression and body language, really giving the painting a feeling of ease and one of those rare moments of a zen like feeling of acceptance and peace with a moment in time. Congratulations!
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