Banksy has hit out at clothes retailer claiming the company has used his designs without permission

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Banksy accuses clothing brand Guess of stealing artworks


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    So in response Banksy put this on his instagram

    Of course there are many comments on the instagram post, some outraged that he advocates shoplifting.

    I thought this one rather apt…

    “Thank you for raising awareness of copyright theft! It’s no different from material theft yet people act like they’re entitled to your work somehow. A big corporation knows better, they just thought they could get away with it which makes this so much worse.“
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    Though according to the news report the material was sourced by a 3rd party and a company that has rights to commercialise and use his artwork.

  • Ironically hilarious considering Banksy ripped off a Parisian 'street artist' from the 1970s called Blek le Rat who pioneered stencil art.
  • @Intothevoid,

    ha, wasn’t aware of that.

    How ironic  :)
  • @MichaelD

    I know, he was also well known in the London graffiti scene as a not very good artist who copied other's styles to the point one of the best (Robbo) actually beat the crap out of him outside a party one night for ripping off his style, hence why he dropped the spray cans and took up ripping off a french stencil guy instead.
    He has built his whole career off taking other artist's ideas but hey if he can get away with it then?
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