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So today I had some free time in the afternoon..

I felt like I might give a concept of mine another go which I have been planning to paint for a while now. I have visited a photo exhibition that was held outside on a square in Budapest a few years ago and I decided to bring my camera along the way and took some pictures myself. I have a tendency to rather observe all the different people experiencing the photographs showcased in these events after a while as I believe it is interesting how they interact with them.

I always feel insecure painting in a different style other than realism, but I still wanted to show this image because I am curious what you think about it. I feel like this two hour painting session I've had suits this kind of approach and stepping out of my confort zone (if I could call it that), using different methods such as painting with the palette knife is refreshing.



  • Love the color scheme and composition, the figures are also shaped well. 
  • @tamasgodanyi the figures are clearly involved in walking/looking or even bending to see something better. That means you have captured their posture well. 
  • I love the design. It's so balanced and interesting. It evokes movement and direction. Something about it.
    It reminds me of something: I knew a bronze sculptor who loved a particular painting of silhouetted figures in the melbourne art gallery and noticed everyone just ignored it. So he created a piece that used marble for the walls and floor with a bronze relief of the painting on the wall, the bench seat in front of it in bronze, and bronze figures standing, seated, walking, all ignoring the painting. But... every figure was drawn directly from the painting. Brilliant. Phillip Cannizzo. He was also a very funny teacher at my high school.
  • This is an interesting piece of abstraction. It's drawn from the visual world (your experience at the exhibition) but you have created an original and unique object from it. I like the design and the color, and the thick globs of paint create an interesting texture. 
  • Thank you! I have to say I really enjoy being free from the rules a realistic painting would imply. I need many more attempts to find out how to represent the figures and the intentions I have with them in a way that is closer to me/my style.

    I love his idea, and the fact that you knew him in that way. Im glad that the painting didn't end up imbalanced. I like to study different compostitions and rules and I was aiming to apply those in this painting as it suited the base image I had in my head, which was the abstract image on the left the bystanders on the right are viewing.

    Thank you for the warm feedback. I was trying to create contrast not only with light and dark, but smooth and rough texture as well.
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