So I decided to call it done. 60"x48" oil on canvas


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    This is marvelous, @osiosbon. The realism is simply remarkable. There is an interesting story being told and the composition is wonderful. And I love all the colorful details - it's busy, but in such a large painting it will work really well. I love looking closely at all the beautiful fruit and vegetables. There's so much here for the viewer to explore and enjoy. Congratulations on a very successful major painting. You should enter this in a competition.  :)
  • Masterful. So much to look at. If there were one thing that I would change (if I could :)), is the gentleman sitting at the white table in the background...he looks stiff, manikin like. I think it really stands out since all of the other figures look so natural, relaxed, in motion. 
  • Just like the others, I think it's so much crunching for the eyes :)

    I think the work in progress had less red/magenta. I liked that palette more, unless the colors are wrong only on the photo. It made the motorcycle guy in his red shirt and helmet stand out and I really like that.
  • That's really good.  So much fun to look at.  So much to see. Really good depth.
  • This is fantastic work.  The pinks and purples contrasted with the greens and yellows make this composition pop.  I like the choice of making the background pavement a violet shade, and would be really interested to see the photo (I'm assuming it's a photo given the frozen moment in time theme) that you're working from.  Excellent detail, and it really captures the feeling of a street scene.
  • seriously exquisite work. and capturing the streets precisely. 
  • Very detailed work. Well done!
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    Great realism, @osiosbon, I preferred the less purple(the floor in background maybe)  that was in your previous version, but thats just personal preference.

    You have done great work on the figures, clothing and I especially like the array of fruit and veg.  :)
  • Thank you all for your sweet comments. I couldn't reply earlier as I was preparing for my next painting. This time it won't be as big, will share in due time.

    Once again, thank you all. 
  • Fantastic painting.  I like the color combinations.
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