“Molly” 9x12 oil on wood panel

Comments and constructive criticism welcome.



  • My only real criticism would be that the composition and the subject matter is below your skill level. It’s a good portrait the realism is definitely there, but I think you have a higher skill level than the composition allows you to showcase. Maybe something in the 16x20 or maybe 18x24 Range would do you good. 
  • This is beautiful, @joepmurray. She looks very sweet and the whole thing has a softness that is very appealing.
  • Really endearing painting.  I agree completely with @tassieguy.  Beautifully done...  the light on her face is so captivating.

    I wouldn't say anything is below a skill level... you should paint what you feel you need to
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    I agree with @tassieguy and @allforChrist, and I love your processing of soft edges and transitions. The eye looks fantastic, barely suggested, that's what I love. A minor comment though, the upper part of the nostril looks a bit unnatural, like it goes up a little too much, is this the subject or the painting?  and the upper part of the upper lip is maybe a tiny bit too soft? Looks like she didn't clean up her lipstick or she ate something messy. The botom lip transition is perfect though. Anyway, just a beautifull painting and a beautiful subject. Bravo. 
  • Thanks for the comment @dakmediocreart.  I do find portraits very difficult, and feel as if I'm pushing the limits of my skill (some might say "past limits" lol).  I do have some larger format stuff planned though.
  • Thank you for the comments @adridri.  I'll look into retouching the upper part of the lip.  I had to scratch and redo this part originally.  Re: the nose... my family is of Irish descent, and we tend to have been 'blessed' with the ... erm... 'distinctive' noses that are sometimes found with our kind.  I decided to not give my daughter reconstructive work, LOL.  If you saw a side view of mine - even in a photo - you'd also have valid critical comments on my maker's aesthetic choices!

  • Oooops I knew this would make me into troubles 😊. I hope I haven't been offensive with my remark in any way, it's just uncommon so I had to ask, she's lovely and I would not want to see any reconstruction at all! I did not mean it in a bad way really.
  • That's awesome work. I love the colors, the play of light across the face, and her expression.  If it were me, I would try to make the chest even more diffuse, but it works as is.
  • @adridri Haha!  Not at all - great comments, and exactly why I like this forum!
  • Thanks for the comments @MikeDerby.  For me this was an exercise in sticking to the color values lessons, being a darker painting.  I kept thinking that 'there's no way these colors can be this dark' when mixing.  This is a pale kid, with bright blonde hair, so my mind wanted to override my brush.  But as I kept color checking, it truly was that dark.
  • Beautifully painted.  The lighting looks like it’s from a candle or a fireplace.
  • Lovely, moody and atmospheric observation. The dim light invites you in and you're rewarded with her delightful face. You've managed the difficult lighting really well.
    Yeah, my kids inherited that Irish nose from their mum's side, along with all their cousins. Very cute.
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