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I've been away for a while, mostly landscape sketching outside in gouache but summer has gone, back to studio work, hot tea and oils.
Here are some quick studies from life in the week end + one landscape from photo, A2 size, 2-4 hours.
I have been studying Richard Schmid intensively lately (bought all his DVDs). Love his style, I saw this was already discussed in the forum. I tried some funny abstraction in the background in his style for the still lifes as he does it so marvellously well, but not quite as successful as he is. 
Drawing is done on the fly with the brush, no careful penciling, so my lines and ellipses are not perfect. Will work on that.
Critiques welcome, thanks for watching.


  • I like the first of the three still lifes the most, @adridri.  You've drawn the items really well with your brush and the values look great.  The third one with the turnips is really good, too. And the landscape is superb. It reminds me of my time in Paris.  The architecture is well drawn, and you got the colours and values right in the trees. 

    Good to see you back here.  :)
  • Like them all as well. Of course it is a matter of taste, but in reference to background, I like it best when there is contrast and clarity between the focal point and the background. In your first painting, the background seems to take too much attention away from the items on the table, or maybe its the big swing in values of the background. I do think its important to show perspective as you did well with defining the back of the table in the first painting but not with the pears and banana where they seem to float. I really like the landscape, its my favorite! 
  • @tassieguy thanks for your feedback, happy to be back too :)
  • @whunt Yes I agree about the background taking too much attention. It was just a test of some ideas, to I'll have to quite it down in the next studies. Thanks for the feedback ! The landscape took me more time compared to the others, it was more designed and thought through.
  • @adridri, excellent work - the most fitting word I can find to contribute with is 'outstanding'.
    You invited critique, however, and a critique should maintain a balance - so I'd say in still life No.2 the pear is bent, and the banana is too straight! More seriously, I'd suggest you simply accept 'outstanding' as the only takeaway.  :)
    Nice work.
    Very best rgds, Duncan
  • @MoleMan wow thank you for your kind words. I do agree with you about small shape issues, thanks for pointing it out 😊 among many others defects! Glad you like it despite the busy background.
  • You have a great sense when it comes to colour! My favourites are the first and last painting you've done, but in each of the images you chose very rich and beautiful colours without them being overly saturated, or washed out because of too much white for example. Even though I prefered the other ones I still love the deep reds in the second one and the harmony of different colours in the third one. It can be tricky to use lighter values and paint highlights as people tend to paint them brighter as they would normally appear, however you nailed the values even in those situations.
  • @adridri I really like the city landscape, the colors are just perfect, you should consider to frame it I guess. In the first, I think the glass is outstanding with the little reflection on the rim!
  • You have a lovely touch with light on your work. Love the play of light on the fruit, for instance. Very painterly so you're caught between worlds of the painting and the reality it portrays. I mean that in its best sense.
  • @tamasgodanyi @JerryW
    Thanks. I may think about framing the landscape, that would be a first after all these 100s of sketches. Thanks for the input.
    @Abstraction as much poetry in your comments as in your work, like that 😊.
  • adridri said:
    @MoleMan wow thank you for your kind words. I do agree with you about small shape issues, thanks for pointing it out 😊 among many others defects! Glad you like it despite the busy background.
    @adridri. I like the backgrounds (you're referring to the top two pictures?), but I wouldn't want to accuse them of being busy. Busy is a word that can bring negative connotations. Think 'busy people' - they're always barking in your ear, because they need you to need to know that they are busy, and some of them get up your nose.
    No: those backgrounds each could be better described as 'active' – perhaps even 'very active' because each applies appropriately and quite essentially to the piece of work it is dancing with. It's good stuff, and I mean it – far better than the melted cheese on toast I had for breakfast this morning – and probably better even than what remains of my somewhat depleted stock of whisky, but which nonetheless sits waiting patiently for me.
    And, the way you have counted in and considered the white space – as part of the whole. It works, and it works well.  :)
    Best rgds, Duncan 
  • Lovely work @adridri, I like the first and last one most.
  • @MoleMan it makes sense, I'm just exploring different possibilities so I'm not very confident about this particular topic of background activity but it will come with practice ! Always interesting to try things out and ingredients from other artists. Have a nice day.
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