old paint

I have tubes of Geneva black and brown which are 3 years old, never used, which are getting stiff. I won't ask for replacements cuz its not Mark's fault I took a long sabbatical.  I have typically just added some oil to it but I want to put the whole tube in a glass jar, condition it and then put it in the fridge. I have paint several years older which is still good

I have used linseed oil in the past but also have walnut oil and Mark's slow dry medium mix.  Any other suggestions?


  • I’d go with whatever the main binder is in Geneva (not sure what that is though). Interesting they have stiffened up. I have some student grade paint I ‘acquired’ from high school back in the early 1980s and they are still like new. 
  • Mike

    I have had lots of W&N WMs mixed with SDM, in small airtight containers for years.
    I suspect Geneva will respond in the same way, though having factory prep with some form of SDM means only a small amount should be energetically mixed with your partly set up Geneva. If there are any recalcitrant lumps remaining I would dump them. A black and burnt umber is $23 the pair. Worth getting some fresh stuff.


  • I'm sure against best recommendations the world over I've always used some of my grandmother's paints - who passed away in 1976. Some are the winsor & newton with the metal caps, I suspect from her early purchases to paint for her course at the National Gallery in Melbourne in around 1948. I've discarded most now because they are aged and I know the drawbacks. I'm only using the Cobalt Blue now and it still has a good consistency as I hadn't touched it and I'm not sure she used it much.
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