Finished Today 8x10 Two Pears

This little 8x10 was completed today.  Trying to raise realism execution and not too unhappy with this one.  I really enjoy doing these smaller paintings.  It helps me concentrate more on details plus there is a lot of satisfaction in getting a painting completed in a shorter period of time.  Very hard to photograph but got it pretty darn close.  All critiques welcome.  



  • Love the dotty colour on the skin! The blue background works well. I think the edges are a bit hard and make it look a bit like the pears are floating over the background to me. Perhaps a stronger shadow under the right hand pear would help with this?
  • Thank you @Richard_P.  I will look at that again.  The light is coming from the right and the reference photo doesn't show very much shadow underneath the pear on the right.  It would probably make it look better.  The edges on this one were difficult for me because the background is in such stark contrast to the pears.  
  • @A_Time_To_Paint yes nice textures on the skin. Some of the edges could perhaps be a little softer, the pear on the right for example its left sided edge isnt as close to the light source as the right side edge.

    The shadow under left pair looks good. As Richard mentioned (if theres any in your source) some under the right pear would anchor it. 
  • Thank you @MichaelD, I appreciate it.  I have since learned after starting this painting that when blocking in, it is a good idea to soften all the edges.  Then later on during finalizing the painting, we can pick and choose what edges to leave soft and which ones we want sharp.  Thanks again for your feedback.
  • Excellent painting.  I especially like the color and texture of the skin.  
    I like the cool background.  A bit of reflection on the surface would help anchor the pears.
    If you want to soften the edges just take a dry brush and run it along the edge,  make sure you wipe the brush each time.
    Good composition, the way you’ve arrange them with the stems.
  • Exquisite. The colours set each other off because they complement each other so well (without reference to 'complementary colours' meaning of course). Wonderful detail and texture in the pears.
    There is secondary light on LHS? If it was single light source towards darkness there would be more pear shadow on the turning away.
  • Thank you @GTO on your advice for softening edges.  The photo I used was actually from a royalty free photo site.  I liked the composition also.  Great idea for reflection of the pears underneath them to help anchor them.  I think I will add that in as well as more shadow underneath the RHS pear.  @Abstraction thank you.  I used a royalty free photo and there was more light on the back of the LHS pear, so maybe there was a secondary light source when they took the photo.  I appreciate your comments very much.  
  • This is awesome, @A_Time_To_Paint. I love the composition. The realism is amazing. I think the edges are good - there are some soft/lost edges on the lower side and the hard ones above look right to me. But it you wanted to you could soften them slightly in the way @GTO mentioned.
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    I really like this @A_Time_To_Paint. I'm with @tassieguy on this one. You do have strong contrast between the background and the pears like you mentioned but you also have lost edges at the bottom which in my humble opinion seems right. It doesn't look wrong to me. I am however interested on the texture of your pears. Those tiny specs-- did you paint those in, or is that perhaps an effect using the grain of the board/canvas?

    EDIT: Oh wait. Just saw your previous post. Pears didn't previously have the spots.
  • @A_Time_To_Paint ... A pair of pears.  :)

    And painted quite beautifully too.

    Don't know about the edges, but am inclined to suggest that - in this instance – and as they stand, they make the painting. It's the background that does it. A strong blue (that on my screen) leans quite robustly toward red, and that throws the delicate greens in the pears forward. I think the edges as they stand make the painting.

    To qualify that thinking; the composition works (and rather well); there's gravity and a semblance of surface because you've painted that in; and the colours work! It's quite magical because you have somehow mingled realism with a hint of nothing behind it. Treasure it, and love it. Good painting.

    Kind rgds, Duncan

  • @Time_To_Paint - Really like the strong contrast of colors and the realism of the pears. I may be way off base on this but maybe it's the style of painting that you are doing that has the background seeing very little difference in the horizontal (table) and vertical plains (wall), but I think that would add a sense of perspective and depth to the painting as well as add more opportunity for the play of light. For example, if the horizontal surface was a lighter shade, you may be able to see more contrast in the shadows. I think that your painting is very well done and I really like it. 
  • It's quite good as is.  However, some of the previous comments might be helpful.  Please, just small tweaks.  I'd hate for you to mess it up.
  • Thank you @tassieguy, @dewald, @MoleMan, @whunt, and @oilpainter1950.  Your feedback is so important to me.  With regard to edges, I've always heard that high contrast creates a sharp edge.  I believe I will leave them as is for now.  There could be some additional work done on the base where the pears sit that would probably improve on things.  David Barber on his YouTube channel does a blocking in of a still life and demonstrates blurring all the edges right from the start, then later the artist can decide which edges to leave sharp and which ones to leave soft.  I like that approach and it was a revelation to me.  Again, thank you all for your critiques and sound advice.  This forum really helps improve my work.  Your encouragement on what is good about a painting is priceless.  Many, many thanks.
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