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Non-artists brushes

edited January 2013 in Studio & Supplies
Although I use decent and 'proper' artists brushes for most of my painting, I also use non-artist brushes for certain things. In particular, I use make-up brushes..... I find eye-shadow brushes are very useful for blending small areas.

Anybody else use unconventional brushes or tools?


  • There is a very talented artist (Richard Robinson) who lives in New Zealand who often uses an 1-inch basting brush from his kitchen to do his backgrounds. It's the old fashion type that actually has natural bristles and not one made of nylon bristles. He'll also use it to block in colors from time to time...apparently it cleans up easily as well! I've seen him use it in his videos especially during his plein aire painting sessions - gets the job done quickly which is especially valuable during rapidly changing light conditions.
  • LindenH
    Yes! I have about six (1,2 and three inch) house paint type brushes.
    I use these when I feel like painting in the style of Wayne Clements (see Liz's thread about doing a test, for the Clements video) or when I want to cover a large area quickly.
    I also use old toothbrushes for speckled paint finishes.

    Looking in my brush bin, I also use old credit cards, silicone paint shapers' and fiber tipped pens. Palette knives of course. The pointed end of any brush is a useful tool to reveal a fine line of the undertone.


  • I often feel of my eyeshadow brushes thinking they would make some awesome blenders!
    Need the eyeshadow too bad to risk ruining them though.... :(
  • Oh Liz! :|

    De Kooning one of my favorite abstract expressionists use to use script writing brushes. I bought a couple. The brush is extremely long and thin. He'd use them to make these great flowing lines. But, I still haven't tried 'em.

    For super fine lines like for writing on labels of bottles and such, a cat's tongue brush works great!
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