16th International ARC Salon Competition

Ah, I'm a finalist. I can only enter competitions that don't require me to sell. Almost none of these around me.
"When talking about competitions and exhibitions dedicated to 21st Century Realism, the International ARC Salon is the largest in the world in terms of entries, and the most diverse in terms of categories and international participation. This makes the International ARC Salon Competition the most influential and far-reaching competition for Contemporary Realism in the world, with over $130,000 in cash awards and international recognition through partnerships with prestigious magazines, galleries, and museums, with live exhibitions and a strong online presence."
I entered two paintings.
Semi-finalist for this one:


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    That's fantastic, @Abstraction. Congratulations.  I like both of them, but I knew when I first saw it that Main Creek was something special. It has a very good chance of winning a prize. I'm so excited for you.

    I didn't know about ARC but now that I do, I will consider entering something myself in their next competition. It's hard to get the judges in the big Australian landscape competitions to take realism seriously so I'm really glad you have posted this.  :)

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    Congratulations @Abstraction, that is really good news and both are great pieces.

    And thank you for prompting us. Having never entered anything before I might look at that next year.
  • Congratulations! I remember these two amazing paintings. Good luck! :)
  • Congrats on your entries.  Well deserved. Both are fantastic paintings.  

  • @Abstraction - Congratulations!!! In reading through the website, it seems that your finalist painting will be printed in the annual book. 

    I did not know that this ARC Competiton allowed paintings which are older than the current year. Good to know. 

    I like your idea of getting more DMP members to enter. Count me in - but it will be based on my covid-brain co-operating.

    Savor the moment. 
  • @Abstraction, will raise a glass here in your honour, And an extra glass (or two) at a later time if your paintings do well. You deserve recognition. 
  • This is wonderful @Abstraction, your paintings look fantastic and it would be great for more artists here to enter the next ARC competition! 
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     You paint because you just need to create beauty, and a fascination with the process - but if someone appreciates it, it's as though someone... feels what you felt. That deep part inside of you has connected with someone.
    That is so true. It's much more about the need to create beauty and about that shared feeling, that connection with a viewer, than about the prize itself or about selling.
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    Artists individually, and art as a whole, get a lot out of such competitions. I won't waste my time enumerating the benefits, but I will enter this competition next year. I'm tempted to say Whinge, whine, whinge! and to ask, Another conspiracy targeting poor hardworking, unsuspecting, unwoke artist folk? But that, too, would be a waste of time. Why not do a tweet about it? Or maybe not. We don't need another thread turned into a repository for retailed tweets. Tell Faux News about it instead. I'm sure they'll be interested.
  • Suez said:
    The best way to make money in the arts is organizing competitions like this apparently.  These guys are raking it in on the blood, sweat, tears, and dreams of painters all over the world for nothing.

     It makes me sick to see over 5,000 people spent $89 each, and, if they are judged one of the lucky 1,400 finalists, get a 1” square photo of their work in a book only 1,400 people will buy + win themselves onto international blood sucking mailing lists galore.
    @Suez. Cor! That level of cynicism is worthy almost of me.  =)  ;)
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    Oh, please, give us a break. If folks want to read Twitter they can do so on their phones. This thread is about @Abstraction's success at getting his beautiful realist paintings into the ARC semi-finals and finals. 

    Why don't you post a painting for critique, and give feedback on others' work (which are what the DMP forum is all about) instead of doing this crazy twitter conspiracy theory stuff in so many threads? There are plenty of other forums for that sort of stuff. If you don't want to participate normally in the DMP forum then why are you here? With your secret profile? Afraid some woke folk will find you?
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    @Suez - the International Realist annual books published by ARC seem to be high quality, beautiful books. The reproductions are not 1 inch square in size. Your criticism of the organized art competition seems to be ill-informed. Suez, your criticism of this competition, in which two of our members have entered and have had their works judged as high quality, does not diminish their accomplishments, but perhaps diminishes their willingness to post their accomplishments. 

    I find your negative cynicism boring and distracting to read, and so generally ignore you. 

    In rereading this thread, I observe that you have not congratulated Abstraction or even acknowledged his accomplishment. 
  • @Suez, some of your posts are negative and demeaning, while others seem to be rooted in experience and knowledge. Please try to eliminate hatred and disrespect in the tone of your delivery of that information, we get plenty of that watching politicians bicker like school children on the news. It would be much appreciated. 
  • Hi @Suez i might need to know better but would like to remind you this thread is about feedback on @Abstraction work (which is great and thanks for sharing) and not about your views of hoe the world works in making money from art. If you cannot resist that,  start a new discussion and give it all you have got.  I would like to mention i have not done my homework,  im here to learn from valuable feedback and to provide with the modest knowledge i have myself. 
  • I haven't previously commented on your work because as a noob I doubt I can add much value (or others such as Rob). I can just say I was totally taken aback by the quality of your work. Absolutely well done and wishing you all the best! Keep us posted please!
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