Finished 8x10 of Three Apples on Brown Paper - Critiques Welcome

Finished this one up today and am pretty pleased with it.  Aiming for higher level of realism and think this was achieved.  @KingstonFineArt felt chose this one as a good painting subject.  It was really enjoyable to set up this still life.  My most successful still life setups I have found are very spontaneous ones where objects are just grabbed and set up and there it is, ready for painting.  

Since my work from home job has lost a big chunk of its clients, I try and paint a little here and a little there during the workday, which is not the best climate for producing good work, so been getting up a little earlier in the mornings and spending a couple of hours of good quality time in front of the easel.  If I didn't have to sleep, I would probably just paint all night long.

Using alkyd fast drying oil paints, I have found that covering my palette very tightly with plastic wrap and wrapping up paint-filled brushes that I can put it in the freezer and not worry about the paint drying up and wasting it.  Works like a charm.  

Here is the image that I painted from.  I took the original photo and zoomed in on it just a bit to fill the canvas more with the apples.

Here is the blocked in version of the painting.

Progression of the painting.

More progress.

And here is the final painting.

Constructive critiques are always welcome.  I'm okay with the brown paper and may have strayed a bit from the reference photo and the shadows under the apples came out okay.  I'm pretty happy with the edges on this one also but welcome any and all comments.  Thanks so much for looking :)


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