Happy Halloween from SantaPumkin

Santa Pumpkin AI JimKingston/MidJourney



  • That’s very cool.  The other day I went to the store looking for Halloween decorations but I couldn’t find anything except Christmas decorations! 🤔
  • @KingstonFineArt, clearly you have repainted Santa's eye, and probably more than once: the classic evidence being the values are out of place, and you focussing specifically on that detail has made the eye too small and also too sharp.
    And the nose. Primarily people make eye contact – it's a natural communication thing, stronger even than words. But noses matter, they are personal, descriptive and describe character. Your Santa's nose is a nothing nose – it says nothing. It's never going to sneeze, it's never going to sniff or deliver snot, it's never going to drip. It's just a clumsy depiction of where a nothing nose should sit on a face. Your Santa's nose has no functionality or purpose, it says nothing.
    And quite what is Midjourney. Starting from where, and what is at the end of that road - assuming there is an end.
    Nice pumpkin however - and I quite like its nasty grin, and the humour, and that he's nicked Santa's hat. ;)
    Best rgds, Duncan
  • I thought that the eye was made deliberately slightly unreal to match the menace in the pumpkin. Also, the two hats but three tassels are wonderfully weird. 
  • Maybe his eye/expression is the result of being overshadowed physically and psychologically by the menacing pumpkin king who knows his day to shine is short lived and St. Nick will soon take center stage 😉

  • I thought the nose in the other Santa with the Halloween pumpkin was quite good. It's a classical "Roman" nose whose austerity is humorously at odds with the weirdness of the rest of the picture. The nose on the one above is ... well, who knows?  Perhaps classically comical.  
  • 50s 4 color printing on cheap paper.
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