A new exhibition showcases more than 200 pictures from the ‘quintessential American realist

There is an interesting article here about a new exhibition of Edward Hopper's New York paintings which I think are wonderful.

Edward Hopper’s New York: exploring the artist’s relationship with the city | Edward Hopper | The Guardian

Edward Hopper - Manhattan Bridge 192526


  • I also really love a lot of his work, particularly with people - although this is that mid-20th century stark portrayal that I'm less a fan of. I suspect Russell Drysdale has coloured my view on that time period. However in Hopper's case I do like the way he's reduced what for me is urban ugliness to forms and simple colours, warms and cools that capture an essence. It's the eye of an artist inside this world and seeing beauty where he can.
  • Yes, I like the same things about his work, @Abstraction. He captures the essence. 
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