The season, 70x100 cm

Oil on hardboard.

I have decided few months ago to spend time on more complex and larger work. It is not easy and takes time but I feel guilty of lurking here without posting anything, so... here you go, I am still working on this one.

I do not like posting WIPs but this is kind of finished related to the reference photo (from Unsplash). I am thinking about developing it a bit further. I plan to "break" the tree trunk verticals at the left and the center with few branches/leaves, and I am not sure about the bush at the right, thinking maybe it won't hurt to remove it completely. Will try that on a computer first.

The ref image was heavily modified digitally to boost the contrast and colors in the center and myself, I often have to temper the saturation. Trust me, I tried.  :)

C&C welcome.



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