First three

These are my first three. I have posted them with the oldest first and newest last. Criticism is always welcome. I'm doing my best to improve.



  • I like your brushwork and bold colors :)
  • These are painted simply, but you have captured the essence.  :)
  • Great start.  There’s something attractive in their simplicity.   
    No matter what direction you go there are only a few things that matter; value, shape, color and edge.  And their importance is in that order.  Of course prior to putting paint down you have subject matter, narrative and composition and maybe prior to that you have consideration towards what it is you want to say about life, everything or nothing at all.  
    No matter what though, along the way, be sure to have fun with the whole process.
  • I'm keeping these simple for now. I feel like my time is best used understanding the basics that GTO outlined, rather than going for depth or impact. I have had a lot of fun so far. I think keeping my practices small and simple allow quicker feedback and enjoyment.

    That all said, I feel like my values and colours need some work.
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