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Hello from Hawaii Island

I always wanted to paint "someday". Turning 65 finally made me stop procrastinating. (I'm 68 now and have done 110 paintings!) Have been enjoying doing landscapes a lot, but this last year have been into portraits. And, learning more every day, thanks to Mark. I used to just "eyeball" everything, but now I don't have to correct my likenesses so much after they are on the canvass. They are improving every time. I am trying to slow down and mix my colors properly. The color checking is making a huge difference, and the "key points" make everything come together so much easier. I'm really enjoying myself, and learning sooo much! Thank you Mark (neighbor!) so, so much!
This is my latest of my music idol, if you are a fan, you will recognize. His likeness is spot on! Almost everybody in the family has at least one painting. How joyful it is to be able to give "grandma paintings". But I've done some portrait commissions lately, too. I can hardly believe my dream is coming true.


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